Chastity Lifestyle Even While Living In Hookup Culture

Chastity Lifestyle Even While Living In Hookup Culture

Benefits of Avoiding Premarital Sex

First things first — there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. However, if you or someone you know do not want to do it, that is fine too. Saving yourself for marriage is still done in the modern-day, but we don’t talk about it as much as we used to. It’s almost as if there is some type of stigma attached to it. Someone telling people that they are waiting until marriage often gets confused reactions. Everyone has their own path in life and ideas on how they wish to live. There should be no rush for either sex or marriage.

How the Hookup Culture Makes It Difficult to Avoid Premarital Sex

Hookup culture, as the name suggests, is about hooking up with someone without any, or with little, emotional connection. It is mostly about fulfilling a sexual desire. Hooking up and one-night-stands seem to have become the norm. Although great love stories could develop from such an encounter, the chances of this happening are extremely slim.

This kind of culture can make it seem that a lot of people are more into sexual activities than creating an emotional connection. While the former is alright as well, some people just want the latter. However, because the hookup culture is so widespread, the chances of coming across someone willing to live chastely are not great. The pressure is huge. As sexual attraction exists whether you like it or not, one thing can easily lead to another. Before you know it, you’re not a virgin anymore. That is why there are chastity devices to help you avoid sex until marriage.

One of the issues with living in today’s world is that everyone thinks that everyone else is only interested in one thing — engaging in sexual intimacy. That’s why many people may not understand why you are not — yet. Again, this may not always be the case. The only way to find out is to ask a person directly.

It Becomes One of the Most Special Gifts to Your Spouse

One of the reasons that chaste couples still exist is because they want their first time together to be special. As cliche as that sounds, there’s some truth to it. A married couple who makes love on their wedding night for the first time could experience a deep emotional connection. Plus, they have already developed a close relationship that they can go back to after the sex part is over. Sex is a bonus to their relationship, not the reason behind it. Waiting can make a husband and wife’s relationship strong in the long term regardless of some modern-day “cultural views.”

Every couple is different, and if some want to wait, let them. If others want to make love before marriage, let them. There should be no rules when it comes to these things, and we should talk about them openly and respect all different viewpoints. The only two rules should be consent and protection. The latter is not just for sexually transmitted diseases but also to protect against pregnancy before marriage.

It Shows How Committed You Are to Your Faith and Your Future Spouse

People in chaste relationships can show that they are very committed to their faith as well as their future partners in life. Faith is an important aspect of many people’s lives and one of the primary reasons why people wait for marriage to have sex.

However, their wish to wait can also show their commitment to their partner and that they respect the bond that is forming in the absence of sex (How Does Celibacy Affect Your Health?). This could be true for non-virgins as well. They can decide to take a “vow of celibacy” to show how dedicated they are to their partner. This could be the main reason why female and male chastity is still a thing outside of sexual arousal.

The Discipline Extends to All Aspects of Life

One trait that all people who wait for marriage share is that they are, obviously, quite disciplined. This mindset could extend to other aspects of their lives. If they can hold off one thing, they have the perseverance for anything else as well.

This can show that they can do anything when they put their minds to it. Coming across disciplined people is not as common as one may think. If they can focus on waiting for marriage (or have it at the back of their minds), they can focus on other things such as:

  • Advancing their career
  • Staying fit
  • Learning a new skill by themselves
  • Starting and finishing a project

Basically, the biggest benefit of living a chaste life is being able to do anything that requires discipline. That is not to say that people who do not wait until marriage lack discipline. There are just different types of people in the world.

Relationship Is Built With Real Emotional Connection

Emotional connections should be the main point of being in a romantic, long-term relationship. Sex (as lovely as it is) can often stand in the way of establishing an emotional connection. Circling back to a hookup culture, if you’re only after sex, you’re left with nothing once it’s done. However, each couple is different, and it can also happen that you develop deep emotions for your hookup.

However, without the pressure of sex, couples have to find other things to do together, which can result in a deep, emotional, oftentimes, playful bond. This connection is the basis of a strong relationship. As mentioned, love-making should be a bonus, not a foundation — unless, of course, you’re only looking for a hookup in the first place.

A Final Word

As you can see, if you or someone you know is waiting for marriage to have sex, this is completely fine. This decision should be respected and encouraged, especially in a time when hooking up seems to be more common than waiting.

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