My Story

Cedric Burnside is a trendwatcher, futurist, and international keynote speaker that takes you to an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work, and have sex.

His inspiration sessions were attended by hundreds of people. Cedric is a regular guest at radio and television programs. With his international research team, he investigates tech trends like robotics, chastity devices for men and women, autonomous sex toys, virtual reality porn, BDSM, and augmented reality sensations and their impact on various body parts. Cedric Burnside has come a long way since he started his journey to inspire people to change a lot of aspects of their lives. From his humble beginning as an assistant to a relationship expert to leading various seminars and events. Cedric Burnside has remained true to his goals.

The goal of the website has not changed a bit since it started. It has always been aligned with what Cedric envisions. We produce compelling blog posts, relatable, and useful that everyone can benefit from. Make sure to check back soon, so you do not miss any updates!