Closely-Guarded Chastity Tips Explained in Explicit Detail

Chastity is a practice of BDSM. Hundreds of years ago, there were chastity devices worn mostly by women to protect themselves from strangers and abuse. Today, chastity has another purpose. It is mostly refusal of reaching orgasm to increase desire. A more intensive partnership can also be sought through chastity, since even cheating is made much more difficult. Men masturbate up to 15 times a week, that can affect their performance. When put on chastity,…Continue Reading

The Do This, Get That Guide On Using Cock Cages

Wearing a cock cage is no joke, its a serious gear. The metal cock cages such as these, equipped with a hollow urethral probe and locked with a padlock, this chastity cage guarantees that your prisoner will have no hope of escaping! With a length of 9 cm and offering three different sizes of rings for a custom-made incarceration, this penitentiary penis will know how to lock it as it should. Why use cock cage…Continue Reading

The Quest to Chaste Lifestyle And How It Will Benefit Your Life

Many men have a desire to live a male chastity lifestyle. But for many men, chastisement is even a big, sexual kick. In contrast to women, chastisement can increase the sex drive even more and especially attract men with a submissive disposition. So, it is often the loss of sexual control over your own partner or mistress of the submissive man is irritating. So you can for example be forced to wear a chastity belt…Continue Reading

Avoiding a Sore Penis From a Male Chastity Cage

Cock cages can be fun. You can learn so much while wearing them, and they will give you a whole new perspective on your sexuality. But to fully enjoy wearing this sex toy, you will need to make sure that you avoid having a sore penis. Or any other type of injury for that matter. Moreover, regardless of the time that you plan on wearing the cage, you should take it off once in a…Continue Reading

Why Some Men Voluntarily Wear Chastity Belts?

You might have heard about chastity belts as a way to torture someone and prevent them from having sex or masturbating. But did you know that there are so many people who choose this voluntarily? Over the years, more and more men admit that they had experience wearing a cock cage or a similar device. If you were wondering why someone would do this on purpose, you’re in luck. We will go through all the…Continue Reading

Reasons Why Your Penis Hurts in a Chastity Device

Chastity devices are rather popular in the BDSM community. But to fully enjoy one, you need to have a painless and pleasurable experience. In BDSM, there is the right kind of pain and the wrong one. If you are looking to enjoy yourself while wearing the chastity cage, you should ensure that you follow the “rules” of using one of these devices. Wrong Size The first and most obvious reason your penis might hurt while…Continue Reading

5 Sex Tips for Guys Looking to Heat Up Their Love Life

Keeping your sex life steamy, exciting and, well, “sexy” can be a challenge. Keeping the romance alive is often hard for couples who have been together for a long time. We can all use some sex tips from time to time, but sex tips can be especially helpful to couples trying to get pregnant. The unfortunate reality is that sex can all of a sudden become a bit stale, robotic, and a scheduled “chore”. Good…Continue Reading

Getting to Know the Different Types of Ben Wa Balls

For ages, people have been looking for ways to increase pleasure and improve orgasms. One of the not-so-recent additions to the sex shop repertoire is Ben Wa balls. These toys come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them have multiple purposes. You can find anything from smaller balls to larger ones that can vibrate.  Duotone Ben Wa Balls The first type of Ben Wa Balls is Duotone. The design is quite simple, and…Continue Reading

How men can improve their sexual performance

Many men are interested in enhancing their own and their partners’ pleasure and satisfaction during sex. However, focusing on sexual performance can lead to anxiety. A set of simple lifestyle changes can help to: reduce anxiety improve erectile dysfunction enhance relationships with sexual partners increase stamina These changes can make sex more enjoyable and satisfying for everyone involved. It is important to note that worrying about getting and maintaining erections is often a key factor…Continue Reading

What Sex Is Really Like For Him The First Time

Sex for the first time can be an awkward, intimidating, and overwhelming experience — but hopefully a positive one, too. What is the first time like for guys? Our cultural understanding of “the first time” is extremely gendered and heteronormative; women’s first sexual experiences are often thought to be painful, and to create a lifelong obsession and attachment with the person with whom they “lose” their virginity. And of course, worldwide patriarchy states that we…Continue Reading