What Living a Chastity Lifestyle Taught Us

What Living a Chastity Lifestyle Taught Us

Chastity lifestyle might seem too extreme for you, but you might learn a lot if you give it a chance. There are so many different types of chastity, and it doesn’t always have to mean saving yourself for marriage.

What Is Chastity Lifestyle?

Chastity is a type of self-restraint or temperance. But the main focus is abstinence. People who are willing to try this lifestyle will avoid sexual relationships and focus on other things instead. How to say no to sex? Find out here.

In the early days, chastity was mostly about sex outside of marriage. The idea was to enter wedlock pure and without sexual sin. While many believe that people who enjoy chastity think that sex is bad, the truth is actually the opposite.

According to their beliefs, sex is something precious, sacred — the purest expression of love. As a result, it’s not something you should take. Therefore, many prefer saving themselves for the right person.

Another common misconception is that chastity is the same thing as celibacy. The former means saving yourself for marriage while the latter is completely removing sex from your life. Many religions and cultures promote (and enforce) both to this day.

Different Ways to Be in Chastity

There are so many ways to be chaste, and it depends mostly on the type of person you are. Centuries ago, chastity was a synonym for virginity. It is still something you can find in many religions. In Christianity, having premarital sex is sin, and the same applies to extramarital. In Islam, it is mandatory and is strictly forbidden for both men and women. Naturally, this applies only to unmarried couples.

But chastity can mean one more thing. Today when you hear the word, it doesn’t have to refer to a person that never had intercourse. It can also mean that they are abstaining. Chastity play is rather popular in the BDSM community, and it is an important part of the power play.

Here, the dominant person will “force” their sub to be chaste and often use toys. The most famous male chastity device is the cock cage. This toy will prevent the wearer from having intercourse or even erection. The dominant person can tease their partner, or “torture” them since they won’t be able to get aroused.

For many males who enjoy chastity play, permanent chastity is the ultimate goal. However, they will have to practice and work hard until they are ready for something as extreme.


One of the most important things for staying in chastity is discipline. That applies to any restraint, but here, we will focus on the type that involves sex toys. If you want to follow the “rules” your master gave you, you will need to focus. Since we are talking about power play and BDSM, if the submissive person disobeys, they will have to be punished. Besides avoiding the punishment, there is also a promise of reward if you follow the rules.

Naturally, chastity play doesn’t have to be a part of BDSM. Many couples try it out just for fun. It is a great way to deepen the connection between them and learn more about themselves.

Chastity for men can be beneficial, and it can significantly improve the relationship, connection, and intimacy.

Male Chastity Devices Are Powerful

Following the rules, staying in chastity, and fulfilling your partner’s desires can be demanding. In chastity play, one person will wear the cock cage or chastity belt while the other will take the keyholder’s role. The very act of handing over control of your sexuality can be empowering, too, though.

Many men enjoy the feeling of sexual frustration, and it can be quite addicting. Sometimes, waiting is the main reward and pleasure, and it can be more fulfilling than having an orgasm after everything is over.

Something is thrilling about being a bit kinkier than society tells you. For that reason, the idea behind chastity is exceptionally appealing.

You Learn Something New Every Day About Your Partner

Once sex is no longer on the table, and you know that you’ll be without it for a while, you can focus on other things. Of course, the couple will decide how long one will stay in a cock cage. That is, everything will be consensual. But even if you decide to wear the toy for a week, you will know that there is no chance that a simple massage can evolve into something else.

As a result, you’ll learn more about your partner and enjoy spending time with them without being a slave to your libido. Men are often unaware of how important sex is. They take everything lightly until they lose it.

And the best thing is that you’ll notice the difference after a couple of days. Once you start talking to your wife, you will actually listen. Since having sex is no longer an option, you will focus on the connection with your partner instead. It can be a nice experiment, and you’ll be able to learn more about yourself, your partner, and the relationship you two share.

A Healthy Sex Life Is Possible Even After Years of Marriage

It is not rare to hear couples talking about how stale their relationship has become. And that’s part of life. You will get used to each other, and everything will become rather similar. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have feelings for each other.

Trying something different, that might be unusual for you two, can significantly spice things up. After engaging in male chastity daily, you will learn so much about each other, and the abstinence will do wonders for your sex life.

It is both possible and easy to have a healthy sex life even if you spent years married. All you need to do is experiment a bit and try out something new. It can show you the spark you thought was missing.

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