How to Talk to Your Partner About Living a Chastity Life

How to Talk to Your Partner About Living a Chastity Life

As the years go by, more and more fetishes are entering the mainstream. It’s pretty clear that the world is changing fast. Our sex lives are becoming more complex, with various ideas and kinks readily available to us through free porn. However, are these kinks widely accepted?

Let’s be frank here — no, they’re not. Some lifestyles are still looked down upon, making them appear rather shady and foreign to the general public. The mainstream culture sure isn’t helping since it depicts these sexual acts as something only sociopaths do.

Unfortunately, this is the case with BDSM and chastity lifestyle too. Long gone are days of “pure” medieval maidens, waiting for their knights to return from a battle and unlock them. Times are a-changin’, and nowadays boys wish to have their flaccid penises locked in chastity cages by their dominant partners.

How the tables have turned, right?

So how does one convince their partner to try a cock cage for men? With all the suspicion surrounding the practice, most guys don’t even know how it all works. Moreover, how does a couple go so deep into a sexual fantasy and chastity play? Well, it’s not that complicated — we’ll talk you through it in no time.

Be Clear With Your Intentions

Communication and willingness to share how you feel about certain things are the pillars of any healthy relationship. The same goes for a couple who want to try domination and submission. The partner who first shows interest in experimenting with their sex life should propose it to the other one.

The catch is to be straightforward about it — no beating around the bush. Being unclear about what you want can only lead your partner to a wrong conclusion. Male chastity is no joke, so it’s only fair you explain everything you wish to try.

If you don’t talk openly with your man, who knows what he’ll end up thinking about penis cages. Of course, it’s vital that you understand if someone just isn’t up for it. Pushing them to do things they’re not willing or ready to do is a pretty bad idea. You don’t want to damage your relationship by being selfish and immature.

Talk About the Benefits

To entice someone into this fun sexual practice, you’ll need to show them the positives of male chastity cages. You need to specify what they can get from it; otherwise, you may lead them to draw wrong conclusions. Your man might end up thinking it’s all about you and no fun for him. That’s why you need to present this practice in the best possible light.

There are many misconceptions about the BDSM community, and one of them is that it’s all about pain. That opinion is the most ridiculous one the mainstream culture has attached to this fetish. However, we’re not interested in these biases and misconceptions, so let’s focus on the perks of chastity devices.

Firstly, applying a new set of rules to your sex life is rewarding in and of itself. The feeling of having a fresh start is always great. If your relationship is starting to feel dull, the two of you could truly benefit from chastity. The thing is, a metal cage doesn’t allow a man to have an erection. This constriction means he won’t be able to please himself whenever he wants.

Feeling like someone else’s possession can make a man try harder to satisfy his lady. Once the tables turn and make her the leader, everything changes. Making decisions about how, when, and whether he’ll get his metal chastity off can be a thrilling feeling.

Tell Him That It’s a Rewarding Experience

When the male chastity device is off and he gets his fair share of pleasure, he’ll be thrilled that he got more than he expected. It’s a true forbidden fruit story — it’s sweeter to have something that you’re not allowed to possess.

Teasing can lead to an unbelievable orgasm. This is otherwise known as edging — stimulating someone until they almost climax, but you stop before they do. This can drive your man crazy.

Some serious dom/sub relationships are so serious about chastity belts that they allow for only one orgasm per month. Sometimes, people take this play even further, with the sub having his five minutes of pleasure only once a year. It takes time and practice to get to this level (if you’re interested in getting there at all). So don’t push things — start slowly.

It Can Increase His Sexual Performance

Practicing edging with your man for a while can make his performance levels rise. It’s a great way to make sure he never ejaculates prematurely. Also, locking his penis in a high-quality steel cage will make him want you even more.

Once left with fewer chances of enjoying intercourse, he’ll make sure every minute of it counts. Moreover, he’ll crave to please you better, so you don’t lock him up for a long time once your DS session is done. In some ways, chastity play is a guarantee of better sex.

Make It a Couple’s Activity

BDSM isn’t only for weirdos, as pop culture likes us to believe. The community is full of ordinary couples who you’d never guess enjoy such activities. For all you know, even the elderly couple next door might be into dominance and submission stuff.

Chastity is a great way to spice up your ordinary lives once you get bored doing the same things repeatedly. What’s more, both of you can truly enjoy it. Like we’ve said, chastity isn’t only about the dome — the sub gets way more out of it than you might think.

If you decide to try it out, you’ll have a chance to refresh your everyday sex lives. Who knows — it might become a turning point for a lifeless relationship that runs on old glory. So don’t be shy when talking about it with your guy — it can prove to be the lifeline you’ve been waiting for!

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