What Living a Chastity Lifestyle Taught Us

Chastity lifestyle might seem too extreme for you, but you might learn a lot if you give it a chance. There are so many different types of chastity, and it doesn’t always have to mean saving yourself for marriage. What Is Chastity Lifestyle? Chastity is a type of self-restraint or temperance. But the main focus is abstinence. People who are willing to try this lifestyle will avoid sexual relationships and focus on other things instead.…Continue Reading

The Rising Trend of Sex Toy Gifting

The holiday season is almost upon us! Yup, it’s that time of year again. It’s great in so many ways, but sometimes it becomes almost a burden when you don’t know what to buy your friends. It’s like all your options are dull and boring, and there’s nothing new and fun to get. Lucky you, there’s no need to wrap your head around coming up with good ideas. In recent years, people started buying each…Continue Reading

How COVID-19 Has Pushed for Adoption of Technology in the Workplace

It’s all about work from home now. COVID-19 is changing the way we work and causing a real digital transformation. Companies are racing to invest in and develop new technologies that will help them in the long term. With that in mind, we’re in an era that accelerates the digital tech revolution. Soon enough, we won’t have to do anything face-to-face anymore. We can truly do everything through technology. COVID-19 Stopped Everything It’s not every…Continue Reading

Surviving Your First Few Days of Wearing a Cock Cage

Here’s your ultimate guide on how to survive male chastity. We’ll teach you how to use cock cages to your advantage and how to make the entire situation easier to handle. At least until you get used to it. No need to buckle up; this will be a flaccid ride. Focus on the Goal Before actually putting on a chastity cage, you and your partner (or Dom) should decide on some goals. If you’re a…Continue Reading

Chastity Lifestyle Even While Living In Hookup Culture

Benefits of Avoiding Premarital Sex First things first — there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. However, if you or someone you know do not want to do it, that is fine too. Saving yourself for marriage is still done in the modern-day, but we don’t talk about it as much as we used to. It’s almost as if there is some type of stigma attached to it. Someone telling people that they…Continue Reading

Semen Retention and the NoFap Challenge Using a Cock Cage

If your masturbation addiction is getting out of hand, it’s time to try and fix it. Whether you opt for semen retention or the NoFap challenge, using a cock cage is the way to go. Cages might seem a bit scary but think about all of their benefits instead. What Is the NoFap Challenge? Simply put, if you’ve ever felt like you’re addicted to porn (or masturbation), this is the challenge for you. This challenge…Continue Reading

How to Talk to Your Partner About Living a Chastity Life

As the years go by, more and more fetishes are entering the mainstream. It’s pretty clear that the world is changing fast. Our sex lives are becoming more complex, with various ideas and kinks readily available to us through free porn. However, are these kinks widely accepted? Let’s be frank here — no, they’re not. Some lifestyles are still looked down upon, making them appear rather shady and foreign to the general public. The mainstream…Continue Reading

The goal of wearing a chastity Device

Even though the subject has caused controversy, male chastity happens to be rather popular, especially in BDSM circles. Wearing a chastity device is the best way a man can submit to their partner. The community is aware of that, which is why the market offers a broad selection of such sex toys.  They differ in terms of design and material alike, although the most common ones are made of stainless steel. Regardless of their differences,…Continue Reading

7 Hot New Sex Trends That Need To Be On Your Radar For 2020

Sure, sex has been around since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not constantly evolving. Here are seven sex, love and sexual health trends to keep on your radar this year. The Sex Revolution BDSM is coming out of the shadows. According to Saskia Michel, commanding officer at Matildas. “Since 50 Shades of Grey hit the market, people have been way more interested in exploring bondage and kink. We’re seeing people becoming…Continue Reading

The Future of Extended Reality In Humanity

Why Should We Care About XR? Everything is becoming more and more virtual, as can be seen by the influx of XR (Extended Reality). Some estimate that, by 2022, the XR industry will reach about 209 billion U.S. dollars. That is a huge jump in two years for any technology-driven venture.   However, XR is not something that came out of the blue. Instead, we can see it as a development of an age-old idea.…Continue Reading