Is China’s Social Credit System Too Much?

If you’re not familiar with this system yet, just imagine you’re living in an episode of “Black Mirror.” Your behavior and actions are judged, resulting in a social credit score. The higher the score, the more perks you have. However, what happens if your score is low? Let’s find out all about this social credit system and what it would mean to end up blacklisted. China’s Social Credit System What we’re going to talk about…Continue Reading

How to Talk to Your Partner About Living a Chastity Life

As the years go by, more and more fetishes are entering the mainstream. It’s pretty clear that the world is changing fast. Our sex lives are becoming more complex, with various ideas and kinks readily available to us through free porn. However, are these kinks widely accepted? Let’s be frank here — no, they’re not. Some lifestyles are still looked down upon, making them appear rather shady and foreign to the general public. The mainstream…Continue Reading

Virtual Reality Sex Is Becoming Reality

If you’re single or simply like trying new things, this one’s for you. Virtual reality sex is literally the next best thing to actual sex. You’ll be mind-blown by how realistic everything is. So, let us teach you all you should know about this new way to experience sex. VR Technology Virtual reality sure is exciting. In theory, you could be anywhere in the world, doing just about anything with a VR headset. Plus, it…Continue Reading

The goal of wearing a chastity Device

Even though the subject has caused controversy, male chastity happens to be rather popular, especially in BDSM circles. Wearing a chastity device is the best way a man can submit to their partner. The community is aware of that, which is why the market offers a broad selection of such sex toys.  They differ in terms of design and material alike, although the most common ones are made of stainless steel. Regardless of their differences,…Continue Reading

7 Hot New Sex Trends That Need To Be On Your Radar For 2020

Sure, sex has been around since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not constantly evolving. Here are seven sex, love and sexual health trends to keep on your radar this year. The Sex Revolution BDSM is coming out of the shadows. According to Saskia Michel, commanding officer at Matildas. “Since 50 Shades of Grey hit the market, people have been way more interested in exploring bondage and kink. We’re seeing people becoming…Continue Reading

The Future of Extended Reality In Humanity

Why Should We Care About XR? Everything is becoming more and more virtual, as can be seen by the influx of XR (Extended Reality). Some estimate that, by 2022, the XR industry will reach about 209 billion U.S. dollars. That is a huge jump in two years for any technology-driven venture.   However, XR is not something that came out of the blue. Instead, we can see it as a development of an age-old idea.…Continue Reading

Sex trends that look set to be huge in 2020

1. CBD lube Anyone going through the menopause, or who has had a baby, will know just how essential using lube is during sex – it can be the difference between an amazing orgasm or being in excruciating agony. So, when Big Ben chimes on New Year’s Eve, it’s time to forget your usual sticky strawberry stuff or that minty bottle that can often sting like crazy – the new trend for 2020 is CBD…Continue Reading

Much Ado About the Latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

Are you excited about the new Ampere GPU series coming from Nvidia? Are you looking for more information about Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080? Then you’re in the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the most critical aspects of the new series and how it compares to the previous generation of graphic cards from this famous manufacturer.  What’s the Improvement From Last Time? Probably the first question on everyone’s mind right now is how…Continue Reading

Is AMD on Its Way to the Top?

AMD has been proving to be the popular choice with gaming enthusiasts and tech fans. That is the chief reason for Intel to be concerned. These groups are the noisiest bunch on the internet, and since AMD is getting a lot of positive feedback from them, they could easily sway a lot of people to switch over to team red. How is Intel losing to AMD? Well, it’s all thanks to AMD’s new 7nm-based Ryzen…Continue Reading

The Secret Weapon of Gay Men – Guide to Chastity For Gays

Anyone who lives chastely today has to cope with incomprehension and crooked looks. Now, we cannot help but ask what are the reasons for sexual abstinence in the 21st century and why do people still do it? Chastity is the conscious renunciation of sexual gratification, thoughts or desires on the basis of shame or a moral or ethical principle. What is considered old-fashioned and incomprehensible today is still commonplace in many cultures: young unmarried people…Continue Reading