The Rising Trend of Sex Toy Gifting

The Rising Trend of Sex Toy Gifting

The holiday season is almost upon us! Yup, it’s that time of year again. It’s great in so many ways, but sometimes it becomes almost a burden when you don’t know what to buy your friends. It’s like all your options are dull and boring, and there’s nothing new and fun to get.

Lucky you, there’s no need to wrap your head around coming up with good ideas. In recent years, people started buying each other all sorts of quirky and fun sex toys as gifts. And seeing how mainstream the adult industry has become, you’re bound to find something impressive for this season too. No worries — it’s all about good fun and sex-positivity!

What Used to Be Naughty

We’ve come a long way since the time of sex-shaming and going to adult stores wearing a disguise. Ever since the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, people have become a lot more open to the idea of kinky sex and fetishes in general. Moreover, the current trends are pretty erotic-driven and full of talking openly about sexual intercourse. It’s no wonder why it’s so normal now to buy your friend or lover an adult toy as a gift.

Back in the day, it was alarming to admit to using toys and gadgets for sensual pleasure. Okay, it’s still taboo in some parts of the world, but we’re talking about Western culture here. Both men and women are no longer in danger when having kinky sex openly, at least not in the mainstream. Our sex lives are so different from what they were 50 years ago.

It’s not uncommon to hear girlfriends brag how they’ve gifted a sex toy to one another. Some even give them to their hubbies and boyfriends. Valentine’s Day, bachelorette parties, you name it — you’ll see sex toys everywhere. Therefore, we strongly suggest you consider this option when thinking about buying a present for someone you care for.

Know Who You Should Give It To

Although it’s a different world today, buying a sex gift shouldn’t be for everyone. Not only is it inappropriate to give something like that to, let’s say, family members, but it’s also not for someone you don’t care about. Adult toys are special, and as such, they should be presents for someone that means more to you.

Furthermore, it’s not cool to buy them for your ex. It can be rude to give them something for masturbation, signaling they’re not a part of your sex life anymore. Also, why would you buy a special gift for someone with whom you’re not intimate these days?

Sex toys should be for your close friends and current lovers. Let’s say your best friend is getting married, and they’ll no longer be free to roam the town for studs with you anymore. Therefore, giving them a nice dildo to warm them up before sleeping with their husband might just be the perfect gift. It will also be a cool surprise if it’s bought for their bachelorette party, making a cool gesture and an awesome joke.

On the other hand, introducing your partner to something new will help you spice up your sex life a bit more. No matter if you’re dating a guy or girl, the adult toy industry is full of great gadgets to get for both. If done the right way, it won’t leave a bad impression on them. What we mean is that they won’t find it offensive in terms of suggesting that their performances in bed are lame and not exciting.

What to Give

The type of gift depends on a couple of factors. It’s important to check them all to give the best present possible. Therefore, you should ask yourself a couple of question before buying a sex toy for someone:

  • Who’s it for, a lover, or just a close friend?
  • How kinky are they in general?
  • Bachelorette party, Valentine’s Day, or something else?
  • What kind of sex do they enjoy?

You should think about it all in advance if you want to get that perfect gift. Not only will it make their day, but it will also please you to know that they enjoy something you bought them.

In case you’re buying your lover a sex toy, try and remember if they ever mentioned something while talking about lovemaking. For example, if the two of you have ever been talking about getting more kinky or rough. If that’s the case, look up some BDSM or role-play gear, and it will blow their mind.

But if you’re looking to get your close friend an adult gift, you can always poke around beforehand. Start a conversation about sex and toys, and see where that gets you. Try to lure them into giving away what they like in bed. That will give you a clear idea of where to start, and maybe you’ll just hit the right spot.

Furthermore, try to be innovative. And what we mean by that is that you shouldn’t buy an ordinary vibrator that looks lifeless. Pick something colorful, kinky, and interesting. This way, they’ll both get something useful and fun once they open up the package. Luckily, online sex toys are countless. You won’t have any problem finding the perfect gadget.

The Best Times to Give a Sex Toy Present

Different occasions mean different things to people. Not everyone’s down for a sex toy for Christmas. Then again, you can always surprise them with an adult device on Valentine’s Day. Not only is the holiday about love, but it’s also about lovemaking.

It’s important to realize and capture the right moment for presents like these. Another great example is an anniversary date. Let’s say the two of you are looking to embark on your fifth year of being together. So, what better way to celebrate that than by having great and unforgettable sex?

We’ve already mentioned your best friend getting married. But just imagine everyone laughing and joking once they open up their special present in front of all the girls, and they pick up a remote control dildo you’ve activated a few meters away. In truth, it’s not just about getting physical — it’s also about having fun.

It’s not inappropriate to gift someone a sex toy anymore. Moreover, it’s a great idea that’s still somewhat new. Just ask yourself a couple of questions and see what, when, or whether to get someone something like that. Just be sure not to give it to your granny for Christmas, and you’ve got no problems, believe us.

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