Getting to Know the Different Types of Ben Wa Balls

Getting to Know the Different Types of Ben Wa Balls

For ages, people have been looking for ways to increase pleasure and improve orgasms. One of the not-so-recent additions to the sex shop repertoire is Ben Wa balls. These toys come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them have multiple purposes. You can find anything from smaller balls to larger ones that can vibrate. 

Duotone Ben Wa Balls

The first type of Ben Wa Balls is Duotone. The design is quite simple, and two plastic balls of this model are usually hollow. Inside them, there is a metal sphere that has some weight to make the toy more effective. The sex toy is often coated in silicone or different type of plastic.

Furthermore, you can find Duotone Ben Wa Balls made from other materials like glass, and they often incorporate various designs and decorative items. These balls connect via a string or thin piece of plastic, and it serves to keep them together and to allow easy removal. 

One of the most appealing things about Duotone balls is that they are silent while providing slight vibrations. That way, you can wear them wherever you want without your partner ever finding out! Most balls are the size of a marble, but you can find different sizes and weights as well. 

Among the things you should consider when buying Ben Wa balls is the material of the toy. If it’s silicone, for example, you should only use water-based lubricants with your toy. 

Kegel Ben Wa Balls

The second type, Kegel balls, is for the user to wear during their Kegel exercises. Usually, they are slightly bigger than regular balls like the Duotone one. While you still have an option to pick the size, the balls are more rigid and a lot sturdier. It is also possible to find one with adjustable weight, which is perfect for beginners because it allows you to start small and increase weight over time. This way, you can practice and become a pro at using it without buying multiple toys to improve. 

Even though this set of Ben Wa balls offers a similar design and purpose, it adds a bit of extra to the equation. Using Kegel balls, you will be able to not only increase sexual pleasure but improve pelvic floor muscles. Many women are familiar with these exercises, which have a goal of tightening the muscles. But even if your pelvic muscles aren’t weak, you can still have a blast using these toys.

There are several ways to use Kegel balls in your sex life, and while you can move the toy in and out, it is more effective to leave it inserted into your vagina. Moreover, you can use the set of Kegel balls both by yourself and with your partner. 

String Ben Wa Balls

The next stop on the list is string balls. These are not as large as Kegel ones, and you can get them both with and without the harness. Strings and harnesses have the purpose of keeping two balls together while you use them. 

To create strings and harnesses, the manufacturers used silicone, and the thickness of the string can vary between the models. It is also possible to find a model with a single ball instead of a whole set. 

One of the main advantages of the toy is that they are rather clean, high-quality, and easy to use. You won’t need a manual. Usually, the string set is attached to a ball that makes it easy to remove once you had your fun. You can also find ones with removable harnesses, which can separate balls to allow easier cleaning or replacement.

Finally, the last type of string balls offers a harness that connects both balls and keeps them in place. The design of the toy allows you to move the balls once they are inside of you to increase sensation and sexual pleasure. If there isn’t an option to remove the balls from the harness, you should be extra careful while cleaning them to ensure that you clean those hard to reach places. 

Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

To make everything even more exciting, you can find balls with (or without) remote control that can vibrate. The design of these models is incredible. There are no strings, wires, or anything else you need to worry about. A small battery is placed inside each ball, and, based on the model, you can adjust the speed of vibrations. 

For anyone looking for something wild, they should know that some vibrating balls come with six different speeds that the user can adjust based on their mood and preferences.  Make sure to take advantage of its vibrating feature in rubbing the clitoris.

Unlike other models, these are designed to increase sexual stimulation only and help you reach orgasm. That means that you won’t be using vibrating balls for your Kegel exercises but pleasure only. Furthermore, since they are so well-made and gratifying, the price can be a bit higher compared to other types of Ben Wa balls. 

But if you are still having second thoughts, you should know that you can use vibrating balls anally and vaginally. The toy isn’t difficult to clean, and thanks to its quality, it can last you for years. 

Yoni Eggs

The last addition to our list is Yoni eggs. Yoni Eggs originated in ancient China over 5,000 years ago. Yoni, meaning “sacred space” in Sanskrit, refers to the vagina, and the goal of these toys is to awaken sexuality and increase libido. It was one of of oriental Taoist sex practices, and it is believed to give the sexual prowess.

Unlike previous types of toys, yoni eggs are neither stainless steel nor silicone. The manufacturers use natural materials like stone or minerals like quartz, onyx, amethyst, and nearly anything you can imagine. 

Jade or yoni eggs are simple for use. You insert them into your vagina and leave them there. Many users claim that jade eggs can be beneficial for the body, and to cause spiritual, sexual, and physical transformation. 

While there is no proof that these ancient toys can help, many use them to enrich their lives and increase pleasure. Women often use them while practicing yoga, meditation, or any other activity. Fortunately, these eggs come in several sizes, so you can start at either end of the spectrum and work your way to the other side. If you are inexperienced, you can start with the smaller one and work your way up, or you can start with the big one and progress to the smaller eggs as your muscles tighten. 


Ben Wa balls can be fun. But before you go to your local sex shop, you should know that there are several types available. Some are designed to complement your Kegel exercises, while others use vibrations to improve orgasms. Regardless of the toy you pick, be sure to inform yourself of the proper way to use it, and if anything happens, immediately seek medical advice. The best thing about Ben Wa balls is that they are easy to use, and you will have a lot of fun trying out different types and sizes. 

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