Types of Ben Wa balls

Types of Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls are a timeless stimulation aide. These are marble-sized little balls with some weight. You have to insert them in your vagina and perform clench-and-twist exercises to enhance sexual stimulation. Besides, these balls are also used for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. The origin of Ben Wa balls dates back to oriental Taoist sex practices that are being practiced since centuries. These balls are also referred to as Venus balls, Geisha balls, rin-no-tama and orgasm balls. There is a common misconception that Kegel balls and Ben Wa balls are same. Well, it’s to clear here, Ben Wa balls encompass a broad umbrella and Kegel balls are a part of it.

When it comes to types of Ben Wa balls, there are two divisions- one is based on material and another is based on ball structure. The post below will discuss about both.

Types of Ben Wa balls based on materials

Ben Wa balls are available in a wide variety of materials. These include:

  • silicone
  • stainless steel
  • glass
  • plastic
  • jade

 The traditional balls were usually made of metal. The silicone and glass variations are comparatively modern.

The material of Ben Wa balls play a big role in deciding your comfort factor and stimulation. If you are a beginner, don’t start with steel balls. They are heavy and are challenging to hold especially when you are a new to the game. Thus, when you are starting out, it’s better to begin with plastic or silicone balls. These are comparatively lighter and hence will be more convenient for you to hold.

However, it’s to note here a lot of people prefer glass and metal Ben Wa balls given that they are more convenient to clean after or before using them.

Types of Ben Wa balls based on structure

Duotone balls

Duotone balls are the pick for you when you are just starting out in the Ben Wa ball-game. These are mostly made of glass & coated in silicone. As these balls are lightweight and smaller than other Ben Wa balls- these are often recommended for the amateurs.

You will find the duotone ball in a pair. You have to insert each of the balls one by one. As the last ball gets inside the vagina, you will start feeling a vibrating sensation.

Users can use the duotone ball for self-pleasure which can be achieved by rubbing the clitoris with it. Otherwise, if you are with your partner, you can tell him to do it for you.

Kegel balls

Kegel balls serve dual purpose- one to help with sexual stimulation and another to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They are mostly made of silicone and are more rigidity compared to Duotone balls. This additional rigidity is necessary for powerful Kegel exercises. The best set of Kegel balls come with balls of various sizes and weights. You will start with the smallest one and then gradually go to the larger sizes as you get used to Kegel exercises.

Vibrating balls

Would you like to feel an arousing vibration while exercising your pelvic floor muscles? Well, that’s great and Ben Wa vibrator balls are just the thing for you here. These balls come with in-built vibrators inside each of the balls.  The balls will be connected through a wire. As you push in both balls into vagina, you can control the entire action with the connected wire. But these wires are always a hassle and hard to clean as well.

Thus, the best option here is vibrator ben wa balls with remote control. These state of the art balls will enable you to relish convenient hands-free stimulation easily.

No-string balls

Most of Ben Wa balls are attached with a string. But you will also find no-string options today. They are easier and faster to clean than the string-based counterparts anyday.

So, which one is your type?

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