5 Sex Tips for Guys Looking to Heat Up Their Love Life

5 Sex Tips for Guys Looking to Heat Up Their Love Life

Keeping your sex life steamy, exciting and, well, “sexy” can be a challenge. Keeping the romance alive is often hard for couples who have been together for a long time. We can all use some sex tips from time to time, but sex tips can be especially helpful to couples trying to get pregnant. The unfortunate reality is that sex can all of a sudden become a bit stale, robotic, and a scheduled “chore”.

Good Sex is Important for Fertility
If you’re trying to conceive, this is no time to take your foot off the romance pedal. Why? Well, thanks to Mother Nature, good sex helps your chances of conception (see step #6 of our 6 Step Guide to Increasing Your Sperm Count). Getting your sexy on unleashes important hormones and physiological processes important for conception. For him, good sex allows the body to dig deeper for healthy, higher quality sperm. And for her, achieving orgasm can help draw the sperm up into her body to give those swimmers a little “boost” on their journey to the egg.

There’s a lot of sex tips out there for women. But at Trak we focus on the other half of the fertility equation. So guys, this post contains sex tips for you – a few pointer on how you can ratchet up the romance.

And what’s the best way to find out what women want in the bedroom? Ask them! (Of course).

Sex Tips for Guys, From Women
We surveyed over 200 women (206 to be exact), and asked them “What are the best ways the man in your life could “spice up” your sex life?”

You can scroll down to see the full results. But let’s focus on the top 5 responses:

1. More foreplay
Yep, this was by far the top answer. We need to take our time guys. Women often need some time to get aroused. A “quickie” is fine every now and then, but try to use more slow, enjoyable foreplay to really make your romps passionate.

As one woman in our survey elegantly put it: “Don’t rush it.”

2. New positions
Turns out women like to switch it up too. Don’t be afraid to shake things up by trying some new positions and/or having sex in different locations. The change of pace could add that spark your looking for. The worst that can happen is neither of you like it and you don’t do it again. (Ok, that’s not true. The worst that can happen is someone gets injured or arrested. But even those outcomes would certainly “spice it up”, right?)

3. Talk openly about sex
If you want to know what your partner is looking for, it’s probably a good idea to just ask. A strong, emotional connection is incredibly important to women. One of the women we surveyed said “Just know that it’s about feelings for her.”

You’d be amazed how far a conversation about sex can go. Start the discussion by asking her something like “Are there things you’d like to try in bed?” She’ll probably ask you the same question, and we bet you’ve got some ideas in mind that you haven’t told her about yet.

4. Initiate sex more often
Most women say they want more sex, not less. And most women want you to take control and kick it off. Which leads nicely to tip #5…

5. Be more spontaneous
Initiating sex at different times, different locations, and different “occasions” can help boost her attraction and arousal. Don’t just wait until “sex time”. Anytime can be sex time if you’re creative.

One last tip: yes sex is a two-way street, BUT your sex life is always going to be better when you focus on her. If she’s having a good time, you’re both having a good time. Or, as one woman said in our survey: “Comfort her and make sure you both finish”.

There you have it!

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