The goal of wearing a chastity Device

The goal of wearing a chastity Device

Whenever someone mentions a chastity device then it gives us metal images of medieval times when maidens used to wear them. While the concept chastity belts have been abandoned in society for the right reasons, they still find its uses in the BDSM community. In BDSM, it is used between submissive and dominants for controlling their orgasms and engaging in sexual intercourse. Generally, it is the dominant who controls the sexual needs of the submissive.

How does the dominant control the sexual needs of the submissive?

A chastity device is something that can be locked on the genitals of the submissive to prevent them from engaging not just in intercourse but also from getting any form of sexual pleasure. This can be through oral sex or masturbation. The dominant is the one who has the key to the device. So they are the only ones who decide when to unlock the device and let them have their pleasure. This key is what gives them control over the other person.

The person wearing the chastity belt can be a woman and a man as well. This device can be worn for a long term or a limited period. Of course, this had to be decided mutually. The submissive should willingly surrender his or her sexual freedom to the dominant.

What are female chastity devices like?

  • Common ones: Modern chastity belts which are made for women follow a common Florentine pattern. This means that there’s a band that runs around the waist and/or hips. There is also a shield that goes between the legs and covers up the genitals.
  • Belts with slots: Some chastity devices also have a perforated cover over a slot in the shield so that the wearer doesn’t get pinched. This slot is present in many belts to accommodate some sort of erotic fantasy like having a dildo inside it. The perforated cover might be placed to prevent access to the genital area as well. There are chastity belts with a slot in the back area so that butt plugs can be put there. In all such cases, the butt plug or dildo stays there till the keyholder frees the wearer from it.
  • Thongs: Some devices have a thong like an arrangement. This means that there’s a singular strap that runs between the butts right up to the waistband. This could be a plastic cable or a thin metal rod. Also generally there’s an opening in this strap to allow for defecation.

What are Male chastity devices like?

  • Common ones: Male chastity devices in the Florentine design are there for men as well. In the standard stuff, there’s a horizontal circular band that goes around the waist. Then comes the shield which is attached right to the front of the waist belt. This covers the genitals and gets attached to the back of the waist belt. There is a penis tube there which is secured right behind the front shield.
  • Cages: In some of the designs, the testicles are covered up using special cages. This cage can be made out of stainless steel or even fiberglass. This cage makes erection impossible by making it painful. This LG collection has a wide variety of cages that you can order once you have decided which one is the best type for you.

Why do people wear a chastity device?

The dominant gets pleasure out of controlling the sexual needs of the submissive. But what does the submissive get out of it? Moreover, why do other people tend to use a chastity belt as well? Here are some reasons why:

  • Surrender: The submissive gets to surrender control over to the dominant and just be free of sexual responsibilities. Many people feel like they are the ones who have to take on the responsibility of sexual intercourse in their relationship. This can be initiating the intercourse or be responsible for their partner getting their orgasm. Wearing a chastity device ensures that they are not in control and get to relax and give over those responsibilities to someone else.
  • Prevent frequent masturbation: Many oversexed people have to or want to get orgasms frequently. But this isn’t possible as people have to work and carry out other things in life. Many people who fall into this category tend to think that masturbating too many times isn’t good. The solution to this is the chastity device. Since these people don’t trust themselves to keep their hands off their genitals so they entrust another person. This is also a submissive and dominant relationship since the woman or man who holds the key to the device holds the power in the relationship. As a result of this arrangement, these people tend to get sexual pleasure when the keyholder allows them to.
  • Roleplay: Apart from BDSM couples, ordinary couples also tend to use the chastity device as a roleplay material. In this roleplay also, one acts as the submissive while the other acts as the dominant. This arrangement prevents the person in the chastity belt from achieving pleasure when they want to. Instead, they have to wait for the other person to give them the green light.
  • Sexual frustration:For many people, sexual frustration is a huge turn on. They prefer getting sexually frustrated when they are denied their orgasm either through masturbation, oral sex or intercourse. This makes the impending sexual release much more enticing for them. So the chastity device is just perfect for them. It gives the key holder the power but it’s a willingly given power of course.

Chastity devices are great sex toys and it works by delaying the orgasm of the wearer. But one thing which should be kept in mind while using it is safety. Chastity belts, especially for men can harm the penis if the cage or belt isn’t of the proper size. The problem gets increased more because the key isn’t with the wearer. So in case of emergencies, it can be a ride to the hospital and that will be uncomfortable in more ways than one. So it’s always advisable to choose a chastity device in which you are comfortable.

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