Closely-Guarded Chastity Tips Explained in Explicit Detail

Closely-Guarded Chastity Tips Explained in Explicit Detail

Chastity is a practice of BDSM. Hundreds of years ago, there were chastity devices worn mostly by women to protect themselves from strangers and abuse. Today, chastity has another purpose. Meaning is the refusal of the orgasm and that to increase desire. A more intensive partnership can also be sought through chastity, since even cheating is made much more difficult. And men masturbate up to 15 times a week. So much sex is difficult to practice. In contrast, chastity can help.

How does chastity work?

For this a BDSM instrument is used: the chastity belt. This is a device that encases the penis in men and prevents women from entering the vagina. In this article, I focus mainly on the chastity of men and how to measure for a cock cage on your own, because I can report from experience.

Most people who start with chastity begin with a CB6000. This is the classic among plastic chastity belts. It basically consists of two parts, a cock ring and the penis cage. Both can be combined together to form a chastity belt. With a lock, the connection can be fixed and completed. Due to the rigid penis cage, which is placed around the penis like a solid tube, the wearer can no longer masturbate himself by stimulating his penis with his hands. Exactly that is so intentional, because to orgasm may come only if the partner permits. How to create male chastity devices such as these? That you will find in this guide.

Start with chastity

The chastity is a combination of compulsion and liberation. Here it depends on the right combination. Just closing the man’s penis without being sexually stimulated again and again will not help and will make you sexually remove yourself from your partner. Not even as a mere remedy for alienating. Instead, the key holder should pay attention to the sexual desire of the cuckold. Without experience, it is sufficient to lock the penis initially during a session. Later also over several days or even weeks but the cycle of sexual activities should never diminish. So, if you start a sexual session with your partner every two or three days, then you can do that while a partner is locked up. Whether he can come to the climax, decides always the dominant.

With increasing stimulation, even for days, the sexual desire continues to increase. The cock cage becomes very docile thereby. It is important, however, only for hygienic reasons, to allow the cock cage from time to time an orgasm. This can also be a ruined orgasm by Forced Sucking, in which the chastity belt can remain applied.

When chastising for a long period, it should be noted that the penis is cleaned at least once a day must become. Especially uncircumcised men must pay attention to the hygiene. For this purpose, the chastity belt is deposited daily, so that the penis can be cleaned. The penis ring does not need to be removed during this time. This also makes it easier to put it on again. When applying the chastity belt, you must make sure that the penis is not excited. You must not force the cage over the penis. A little lubricant should help. The foreskin of the penis likes to pull back when putting on the cage. To avoid that, there is the trick with a pair of tights. The penis is placed there, then it is pushed into the penis cage and then the pantyhose can be pulled forward through the opening of the penis cage. This keeps the foreskin in the right place, which is much more pleasant.

What do I have to pay attention to when chastity belt?

One of the most important things to watch out for is the use of the chastity belt. He should have no sharp corners and edges, as they could hurt the skin. A penis cage should cost at least 80 dollars. All that lies beneath them are often copies from the Middle East that are not so well processed. You should first treat it with sandpaper before you can even apply it. In principle applies: Models made of plastic are slightly lighter, so you can even forget about the longer wearing. Stainless steel chastity belt, however, you can feel more clearly. Who wants to do sports, should resort to a variant made of silicone, such as the bird locked. A nice overview of chastity belts is here, in the chastity belt comparison.

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