The Quest to Chaste Lifestyle And How It Will Benefit Your Life

The Quest to Chaste Lifestyle And How It Will Benefit Your Life

Many men have a desire to live and maintain a male chastity lifestyle. It is one of the unique ways to show love to their partners or soon-to-be-partners. But for many men, chastisement is even a big, sexual kick. In contrast to women, chastisement can increase the sex drive even more and especially attract men with a submissive disposition. So, it is often the loss of sexual control over your own partner or mistress of the submissive man is irritating. So you can for example be forced to wear a chastity belt or a penis cage or be treated with a ban on orgasm.

For many men, however, such implementation is often difficult. Chastity belts are often very uncomfortable and one’s own will often be very weak when it comes to just touch himself or refrain from masturbation.

The chastity hypnosis deals exactly with this topic. You can prevent an orgasm; even stop an erection if necessary. A metal lock prevents you from coming without the permission of your partner. Thus, your partner becomes a key holder or the key lord of your orgasm. The hypnoses in this category may make you very horny; but do not let one thing go: experience an orgasm.

Although some women say, chastisement would only be associated with disadvantages. Here I prove the opposite and you will realize that it is far more than advantages than disadvantages. Have fun while reading. For many ladies, the chastity is in a perverse direction, it is not really socially acceptable, costs effort and money.  As a woman, you have to think about it to keep him in line and so why should one do this effort then?

Comparing with the mission is what, as a woman out of the chastity gets out huge. You need a bit of patience, time and creativity, but of course throw some prejudices overboard and of course reap a huge mountain full of concessions, feelings, motivation, loyalty, love and admiration. Try it and then you will notice what you have missed before and what he was willing to give you and you have never accepted.

Benefits of chastity

First: The benefits do not come after a few hours or days. He will be cuddly and cuddly. Of course he will also increasingly search for your closeness and show you how much he likes you. Maybe he’ll bring home flowers, give you presents or spoil you. The following points can but do not necessarily have to occur:

    • He will be able to listen better.
    • He develops creativity, imagination, ambition and thinks less of sex.
    • He becomes more attentive.
    • Cheating and secretly masturbating is made impossible for him.
    • He directs his life to you.
    • He tries to pamper you in every situation.
    • Other women and porn are becoming uninteresting to him.
    • He will be able to talk openly about his sexual desires.
  • You can live out your preferences and fantasies.
  • He spends his free time more meaningfully than with porn and internet.
  • He is no longer focused on his orgasm, but on your needs.
  • His behavior will improve.
  • There will be fewer disputes within the relationship and it will become more obedient.
  • The relationship can, if you like it, be completely guided by you.
  • He can no longer pee with the penis cage in the stand.
  • He is more focused on you.

And yet, of course, should never be forgotten that the chastity also has disadvantages in addition to the listed benefits.

Disadvantages of chastity

One of the biggest drawbacks of chastity will probably be that the preferences of both partners may be different and perhaps eventually no more sex takes place, which of course would mean the end of the relationship. However, this is one thing that lies with the two partners. The sexual desire can fall asleep completely if it is not cared for. A few minutes a day – or maybe even a simple text message is enough to start the fire. Another disadvantage to be mentioned is that meticulous attention must be paid to hygiene. And for many people this can also be seen as an advantage. The man is thus forced to cleanse several times a day and of course to shave regularly.

Other disadvantages are:

  • Every chastity belt and penis cage needs a getting used to.
  • Many women find the topic unfamiliar, perverted and wrong. But there are many reasons to love the chastity as a woman that you experience here .
  • You, as a woman, also want to shut him up.
  • The chastity belt or penis cage can cause pain or even wounds.
  • The mobility of the man is limited depending on the model.
  • The man has to be meticulous about hygiene.
  • As a woman, you must be willing to engage with the topic of chastity.
  • Rules and penalties must not be neglected and you have to think about it.
  • Cleaning and shaving should be monitored by you at best.
  • The chastity does not correspond to the instinct of the man.
  • The bottom line, and you have to admit it yourself, is that the benefits of chastity outweigh its disadvantages.
  • If the woman is willing to engage in this game and also has enough will to shut him off from begging, chastity with the right habituation and the right chastity belt or penis cage may well affect your relationship and partnership.

Chastity Belt

Sexual gratification is a basic human need. In particular, men can be very feverish and increasingly docile, trying their partner to fulfill every wish in the hope then again to have an orgasm. A prohibition on masturbation and the need to have some questions about whether to have orgasms is quite a frequent fantasy.

Anyone who does not trust his partner that he sticks to the ban or who wants to be on the safe side, there are various chastity aids that offers. And only the final engagement of the castle with the certainty that it is up to the partner to let one out, has its special charm.

They are lockable belts made of metal or leather, which should protect women against extramarital intercourse. For this purpose they left in the vaginal and Anal area only small, with pointed points proven holes, which are necessary for the body excretions. Considering that ironware was quite rusty at that time and those women could only wash themselves with such a part in the intimate regions, these belts were certainly hygienically problematic and had the quality of torture instruments.

Today, chastity belts are made as sex toys predominantly of stainless steel or plastic. And in contrast to the ancient models, today’s ideal should prevent any fumbling on the genitals, so that the wearer of the belt is placed on sexual withdrawal and it is up to the carrier of the key to grant an orgasm.

Male chastity is a unique thing you can try in your sex life. Locking up your cock and balls and withholding from orgasms or having sex can have numerous benefits. A cock cage or belt can help men increase their stamina and control while improving their relationships. What’s more, it’s perfect for those who are into BDSM. 

What Are the Possible Causes of Pain While Wearing a Cock Cage?

At first, these devices could look a bit intimidating. It’s incredibly important to focus on male chastity health concerns at the beginning. For instance, tight chastity devices can block circulation.

When the penis and testicles are constrained, the man won’t be able to get erections or ejaculate. To proceed safely, you’ll have to take the proper measurements of your equipment. Find a male chastity device with a snug fit and eliminate any initial problems with circulation. When blood flow gets blocked, the wearer could experience discomfort, numbness, or pain. Therefore, you must remove the device if you sense that it’s too tight. Additionally, if you feel that your genitals have gone cold, it’s time to unlock the cage. However, with a proper fit, you’ll be able to wear the device for both short and long term chastity. 

On the other hand, if you and your dominant partner are using chastity as a form of painplay, you’ll always have to give your consent. The two of you need to establish your rules and boundaries. Nevertheless, you should always maintain healthy blood circulation. 

How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle While Wearing a Cock Cage?

As always, with any sexual activity, it’s vital to maintain proper hygiene. While chastity devices prevent the man from ejaculating and getting hard, they also allow you to urinate without removal. Nevertheless, the cage should be opened for regular cleaning. That could be the job of the keyholder or the wearer. 

To maintain proper chastity cage health, you’ll have to clean the penis, testicles, and the surrounding area regularly. What’s more, you’ll need to wash the device with soap. Sweat, fluids, and bacteria can appear on the inside fairly quickly. Daily cleaning is highly recommended. Chastity cages should allow sufficient airflow and should be easy to clean. It may also be a good idea to trim your pubic hair. Avoid shaving as it can cause itchiness.

However, if you fail to clean your device, consequences like infections, odors, soreness, rashes, and more could arise. They could pose a risk not only for you but also for your partner. Fortunately, it’s simple to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a proper cock cage fit and regular hygiene. 

When Do You Know If You Need a Spiked Cage?

If you’re in a chastity relationship and practice BDSM regularly, a spiked cage could take things to an entirely different level. Chastity slaves who get pleasure from pain play and being obedient will greatly enjoy them (or not!). Overall, these devices are built just like regular cages, but they contain metal spikes on the inside. These spikes will not pinch your penis if it’s flaccid. However, things can get really vicious if you can’t hold back, and your penis gets hard. Then, the spikes will go full iron maiden on the penis from all sides. 

Since the spikes are blunt, they cannot puncture the cock. They can only punish any forbidden activities and make sure that the male slave stays obedient. If you’re into humiliation and torture, a spiked cock cage may be the perfect device to try. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that you’ve read about male chastity benefits and how to avoid possible issues take a look at some cock cages and start your new lifestyle!

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