The Secret Weapon of Gay Men – Guide to Chastity For Gays

The Secret Weapon of Gay Men – Guide to Chastity For Gays

Anyone who lives gay male chastely today has to cope with incomprehension and crooked looks. We questioned: what are the reasons for sexual abstinence in the 21st century?

Chastity is the conscious renunciation of sexual gratification, thoughts or desires on the basis of shame or a moral or ethical principle. What is considered old-fashioned and incomprehensible today is still commonplace in many cultures: young unmarried people are taught chastity as something pure and a sign of integrity. Especially women in these cultures are expected to live sexually abstinence until marriage, while in men this is not taken so strictly.

But not only virgins can be chaste: in contrast to all beliefs of religiously motivated groups, sexual abstinence is no more than deciding not to have sex for a certain period of time. It does not matter if you are already living in a relationship or have a phase between two relationships, already has experience or is still a virgin. Many reasons can cause someone to renounce sex for years to come.

Chastity as a contraceptive

As funny as it sounds, sexual abstinence is the safest contraceptive ever, giving you 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies. It also protects against sexually transmitted STDs. In that sense, chastity has two very big advantages.

A further advantage is seen that one picks up as a virgin for a very special person. Since sex is something very intimate, many prefer to experience sexual intercourse only with the right person. Being sexually abstemious, even though already having sex can lead to a huge increase in pleasure, this can lead to increased sexual feelings and experiences when putting off this abstinence.

Abstinence makes sperm limp

According to a study, in men with a lower sperm count after two days of sexual abstinence, sperm motility – the ability to swim to the egg – decreased. In men with a normal sperm count, the ability to move also decreased by sexual abstinence, but only after about 11 days. The researchers found that it is best for the man’s fertility to keep the abstinence from having children short – that is, not longer than two or three days.

Wear chastity belt

How do I best wear a sebaceous girdle? How do I put it on? What about hygiene? Can you hear him rattling or is he completely unobtrusive? If you have asked yourself only one of these questions, you are in the right place on this page.

Wear Chastity Belt – The first donning

First of all you should look at different chastity belts together and choose the most appealing one for you. For this, our reviews on the best chastity cages for men and the best chastity belt for women can help you. Then everyone should familiarize themselves with his situation. The chastity belt (s) should be unpacked and discovered together. You should find out together how to wear the chastity belt and assemble it. Which is also widely publicized by the brand

When applying the chastity belt in men and that is generally true you should keep a tube of lubricant ready. For many chastity belts this is also included. The entire genital area should be shaved, this is true for everyone. The creation of the lock for the chastity belt should be carried out by the other partner from the beginning. Even if that is a bit strange at first, you will get used to it quickly.

Wear Chastity Belt – The first week

Especially at the beginning it is extremely important to give the body time and not want too much of it. You should slowly get used to wearing the chastity belt. As a man, you should consciously refrain from sexual arousal through porn, etc.

For each of you, it’s better to be a little slower than to lose your appetite right at the beginning. You should definitely listen to the signs of your body and react accordingly. Mutual respect is particularly important when you both start wearing the chastity belt at the same time. Each person is different, but no one should take a break that lasts more than three days. This would be a fresh start and is certainly not in your interest.

In the first two to three days you should renounce sexual intercourse because the danger of a possible orgasm loss or the loss of the discipline of a partner is just too big. In addition, it could come to problems to want to wear the chastity belt again afterwards. Then everything would have been in vain.

In the first week you should wear your chastity belt every evening or afternoon until you go to bed. However, currently only after work it is important that you wear it for at least four to six hours.

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