Reasons Why Your Penis Hurts in a Chastity Device

Reasons Why Your Penis Hurts in a Chastity Device

Chastity devices are rather popular in the BDSM community. But to fully enjoy one, you need to have a painless and pleasurable experience. In BDSM, there is the right kind of pain and the wrong one. If you are looking to enjoy yourself while wearing the chastity cage, you should ensure that you follow the “rules” of using one of these devices.

Wrong Size

The first and most obvious reason your penis might hurt while wearing a chastity cage is that it doesn’t fit you. Before you buy your cock cage, you need to make sure that the size is appropriate for you. If the toy is too big, you will have too much space, and you’ll still be able to get an erection, which kills the whole purpose of a penis cage. 

On the other hand, getting a misfit cage can be unhealthy and painful. The reason for that is that the penis won’t have room at all, which can not only be uncomfortable but can also prevent blood flow and lead to complications. The size is especially crucial for the ring part of the toy, which can cause serious injury if it doesn’t fit adequately. 

Furthermore, the tip of the cage can rub against your skin and damage the tissue. 

Lacks Lubrication When Worn

But if you already have a male chastity device that’s a perfect fit, you might have forgotten to use lube. While some might disagree on the whole lubrication part, it will make everything a lot more comfortable and bearable. Moreover, when wearing a chastity cage, you should apply lube to both the penis and the device. That way, you will ensure that there is no unnecessary rubbing that could lead to a sore penis.

Depending on the type of the device and if you are planning on wearing it long-term, you will also need to find appropriate lube. For silicone toys, you shouldn’t use silicone-based lubricants since they can damage the device after a while. Otherwise, silicone lubricants can be incredible. Usually, water-based lubricants are the best option because they last a lot longer than oil-based ones. 

After applying lube, you can enjoy your lockdown without wondering about issues, and you will reduce the chances of anything going sour. 

Skin Stretching

It’s possible for people that have a tight and high scrotum to experience skin stretching. That is especially likely for cages that involve ball trapping. While the symptoms can significantly vary — from mild to rather painful — there are ways to alleviate them. Using different lotions, oils, or even butter on the scrotum can help ease the pain and make everything a bit less unpleasant. 

When it comes to skin stretching, the most significant problem usually lies in the cock ring. Based on the model and the wearer’s anatomy, the pain levels can vary. For example, larger devices can force the scrotum to bend around the ring. On the other hand, smaller ones can reduce the space between the cage and the ring and increase the pull, but on a different spot. 

The best idea would be to get either a custom-made model or to find one with adjustable rings. That way, you can find the position that’s suitable for you, and that will allow you to enjoy wearing the cage fully. 

Excess Hair

Trimming pubic hair can solve so many problems if you wear (or plan to wear) a cock cage. Usually, people that are into orgasm denial and wear these devices will have their private parts shaved. That’s how they eliminate the possibility of their hair getting stuck in the cage. If you’ve never had any experience with a cage before, it is highly recommended to shave. Not only will it make the cleaning process easier, but it will significantly enhance your hygiene.

Even though you are wearing a cage, you should still take care of yourself. Aside from that, many devices will make it almost impossible to use them if you are not shaved. At least if you don’t enjoy having your hair ripped out. After all, there are so many movable parts on the cage, so hair can get stuck inside easily and cause pain or discomfort. 

When to Seek Medical Help

It is essential to seek medical help if any problems occur. If you experience pain in your penis (or any other part of your body) even after you stop wearing the cage, you should see your doctor. Moreover, any irregularity that keeps appearing or occurring should be checked to make sure that everything is in order.

If you are scared of what your doctor might think, don’t bother yourself with it. They are professionals, and they are well aware that people have different kinks. Your doctor probably wouldn’t react even if you came to them wearing a cock cage. So be honest with them, and seek medical help if you are hurt or if you encounter any problems. 

Finally, if you don’t have any experience wearing such a device, your doctor might give you advice on what to do and how to use the cage properly to avoid hurting yourself. You can also further educate  yourself by reading more safety tips using male chastity, to avoid any injury.


To ensure that you experience the cock cage fully and that you don’t hurt yourself while wearing it, you should make sure to pick the right size. Also, using lube is highly recommended, and shaving should be in order to make everything go smoothly. But if you continue experiencing discomfort or pain, you should undoubtedly seek medical help. 



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