Why Some Men Voluntarily Wear Chastity Belts?

Why Some Men Voluntarily Wear Chastity Belts?

You might have heard about chastity belts as a way to torture someone and prevent them from having sex or masturbating. But did you know that there are so many people who choose this voluntarily? Over the years, more and more men admit that they had experience wearing a cock cage or a similar device. If you were wondering why someone would do this on purpose, you’re in luck. We will go through all the reasons why someone would lock their private parts in a cage. 

Chastity Belts Are Widely Used in BDSM

If you were seeking chastity belts, you would most likely find them in the BDSM community. These toys have a special place in various types of sex play like orgasm denial, restraint, and especially in dominant/submissive relationships. The main reason why people use them is as a punishment or orgasm control. 

The dominant person will make their submissive or slave wear one to control their sexual pleasure. That way, the dominant person will become a key holder, and they will control when their sub can remove the cage or belt and experience pleasure. Wearing a belt will make any stimulation impossible or painful. The person wearing it won’t be able to either get hard or masturbate. 

Cages are especially important as a part of power play, where the person will completely surrender their attention and sexuality to their partner. After that, their partner can tease them, use a variety of ways to arouse them, which can only cause pain to the wearer. 

Many consider chastity belts to be the ultimate way of surrendering oneself to another by giving up control over one’s sexuality. 

To Remain Faithful

But BDSM is not the only reason why one would wear the chastity belt. There is a rumor that crusaders used to lock their wives and daughters while they were away from home to ensure they would remain faithful and chaste.

Today, it is not rare to see someone using a chastity belt to force themself or their partner to remain loyal and without any possibility of having sex (or pleasuring themselves). While it still might sound like a power play, it is not restricted to the BDSM community only. 

The person will willingly lock their private parts, and they will give up the possibility of having any sexual stimulation. Usually, they will hand the key to their partner, and they control when they can have an orgasm. The popularity of male chastity devices is only rising, and many are starting to discover the thrill that goes from wearing a cage. We cannot blame them because living a life in male chastity is something really enticing.

Avoid Premarital Sex

Another way to use the chastity device is to avoid premarital sex. While some would rather give up air than sex, for others, it is a holy act that shouldn’t happen outside wedlock. Naturally, we are all just human beings, and urges can sometimes get the better of us. Fortunately, there is a way to resist all temptations and urges with a simple twist of your wrist. Yes, the answer is a cage. By locking yourself, you will at least have a chance of waiting to get married before you start having sex.

For strong-willed people, this might not be necessary, but for everyone else, it seems that the cage might be the only valid option. There are so many reasons people choose celibacy, and whatever the reason may be, you will need all the help you can get to remain true to your ideals. 

NoFap Challenge

Recently several people started the “no shave November” challenge. The idea was for all men to avoid shaving for the entire month to raise awareness and money for fighting cancer. Naturally, someone suggested the whole month without masturbating, and thus the “no nut challenge” was made. For some, this might be more problematic than they could expect, and having the willpower to abstain from masturbating for a whole month might seem like a dream. 

Needless to say, if you love touching yourself every day, after a week or two, even YouTube ads will become arousing. One of the ways to prove that you are a strong-willed person who doesn’t need touching is to wear a chastity belt. The so-called Locktober is a challenge where the person should stay in the penis cage for the entire month. This way, you will be able to lock your private parts, and the only thing you’ll be able to do is to wait for the end of the month for your winner fap or intercourse! 

Fight Addiction to Porn and Orgasm

If you already have a stainless steel cage for your private parts, it might serve as a great way to fight porn addiction. Today, finding porn is easier than ever, and it takes a lot of will to keep your hands to yourself while browsing the internet. If you ever find yourself in an endless fapping loop, a chastity device might help you with the problem. Locking yourself might be one of the easiest ways to fight this serious addiction that consumes many. 

Everything that pleases us can be rather addictive, and porn is no different. But a simple cock cage can help you achieve this in no time. So if you have a busy week ahead of you, and you need to be a bit more productive, cock cages can do wonders. Who knows, if you take a break from masturbation and focus on work, you might become the next Nobel prize winner! 

Quality of Ejaculation

Finally, a cage doesn’t have to be a way of punishment or restraint, but rather a way to improve your relationship. By keeping your hands of your private parts (or not having sex), the quality of semen will improve. Even after wearing a cage for a couple of days, your next ejaculation will be significantly bigger. Furthermore, the orgasm after wearing the cage will be even more intense. 

By taking your time and not having orgasms, you will make your next one unforgettable. That is one of the main points of edging or the whole tease and denial thing. While you would have the same results by simply not masturbating for a couple of days, it can prove to be challenging for some. Moreover, wearing a cage is quite kinky and can be quite arousing both for you and your partner. 


One of the most obvious places you can find a cock cage are BDSM relationships. But these couples are not the only ones to try out this sex toy. Whether you are into the power play, fighting a porn addiction, or are looking for a way to improve your ejaculations, the answer is a cock cage. 

This handy little device can lock your private parts and throw away the key forever! Just kidding, you will decide how long you want to stay locked. Find a dedicated key holder, and maybe you’ll have a chance of finally winning that NoFap challenge. 

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